guards your pet's well-being

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Your pet's medical history

At your fingertips everywhere you go!

Carry your pet's medical records and other important information in your smartphone or tablet. Never be without it for those unexpected problems.

Safely share information with your pet's caregivers

Whatever you think is important when caring for your pets, can now be accessed by anyone you choose.

Looking for a new pet or just received one?

Personal Pet Vet allows the adoption group, breeder or previous owner to transfer pet records of your new best friend with the click of a button. Even past photos and recorded stories from birth to adulthood. Ask the current owner if they provide a Personal Pet Vet account

Traveling with your pet?

All of your pets information available To pet hotels, out of town veterinary doctors and pet sitters/walkers. Piece of mind Knowing they have everything they need and your pet is well taken care of.